female sitting on the front of an old car

As a multi-disciplinary designer, I’m intrigued by the intersections between different ways of making, and how my experiences in one can bolster my abilities in another. I’m strongest as a designer when my work connects multiple forms of media: sculpture with lighting design and photography; or poetry with sound and projection design. I’m particularly drawn to language, from typography and handlettering to creative writing and book art, and it often finds its way into my work as part of my storytelling process.


I’m also fascinated by sensory details, and the way they can be used to create immersive environments and experiences for viewers; and I’m excited by analog processes: tactile, material-based explorations that occur in physical space. In my work, I aim to surprise people. I want to take expectations and turn them on their heads, cause double takes, zoom out to the big picture and zoom in to the details. I want to solve problems, experiment with systems, create experiences, tell stories worth telling, and, ultimately, continue growing as a designer and human being.

After growing up in the DC area and graduating in 2020 from the University of Richmond  (B.A. in Theater, B.S. in Psychology, minor in Visual Media Arts Practice), I lived in Berkeley, CA for a year before moving to my current home of Austin, TX.