"Extractisomnitus." A handmade book of mixed media collages and hand lettered original poetry, 4 hole bound, in collaboration with Kakie Pate. Spring 2019. The title, meaning "dreams, derived" in Latin, refers to the process used to create the material: dreams were recorded through voiced narratives and distilled into collages, which were then traded between authors and reinterpreted into poems using only the collages as guidance for the dreams they're intended to describe.

"Altered Book." Three books cut in thirds and rebound together into a single book; page segments selectively treated with correction fluid, highlighter, and permanent marker to create phrases of poetry that can be recombined into thousands of possible new poems when the pages are flipped. Spring 2019. 

"Unbook." Cardboard shelving covered in finger painted paper, filled with film canisters containing interactive sensory memories from childhood to tell a story, including bubbles, orange tic tacs,
a kaleidoscope, glitter, soft fabric, cinnamon sugar, sunscreen, and cut grass. Spring 2019. 

"Don't Stress for Success." Cover design and copy; book co-authored with Emily Schott & Isabelle Timoney. Spring 2019.