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Rebranding & Logo Design

September 2020

Case Study

"We had a great experience working with Shanna! From the time we first made contact to when she was reviewing fonts available from our newsletter provider to find the best match, she was helping us improve our look. We met on a Zoom screen and even online as we explained our needs, our program, and our existing media, we could see the wheels turning in Shanna’s head. She quickly understood the scope of what we were looking for and what we could afford, and she was able to explain clearly why she created what she created for us. It was an educational experience for us! We’ve gotten compliments for our new look and are actively trying to find new places to use the logos Shanna created because we love them so much."

— Laurie Plishker, SCC Communications Director


Founded in 1995, the Safe Community Coalition (SCC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a safe, healthy, drug- and alcohol-free environment for local youth. Its mission is "to provide programs and resources to reduce stress, foster mental wellness, and empower our youth to thrive and make responsible choices about their health and safety."

SCC Old Website

The SCC's website with their original 1995 logo

old and new and MTM.png

I was initially commissioned solely to create a logo for a new SCC initiative for 2020, Managing the Moments. As I talked more with the SCC's leadership, however, it became clear that their current organization was no longer well represented by their main logo created 25 years ago, and a clean and modern logo for their new program would seem out of place next to it.

My new goal: revitalize the SCC's whole brand identity by creating a modernized main logo & marks, a logo for Managing the Moments, a website favicon, and a brand new style guide.

Old and New.png

The SCC's original 1995 logo



  • Recognizable font that feels solid and stable

  • Clean icon that clearly represents community and is already strongly associated with the SCC brand

  • Blue and green colors communicate safety, growth, reliability, and calmness

  • Succinct and descriptive tagline

  • Font reads a bit childish despite their adult audience (primarily parents, schools, gov't & community leaders)

  • Icon and words are intertwined, which doesn't allow them to adapt to other dimensions and uses

  • Colors are similar in value & have low contrast (below)

  • Layout is crowded; lacking clean lines & negative space

  • Overall dated feel doesn't match their current energy



Much of the reason why the original logo wasn't as eye-catching as its bright blue and green would make it seem was that the two colors were almost identical in value, and were indistinguishable when desaturated. Besides losing its visual impact, this also meant the logo didn't print or copy well in black & white and wasn't as accessible to those with vision impairments.


Color Ideas
Color Hunt Palette 207939.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 7.41.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 7.54.59 PM.png

After exploring dozens of color options, I chose Dark Sea Green and Dark Cornflower Blue to retain the familiar color pairing of blue and green while introducing fresh and vibrant energy, high contrast, and subtle sophistication to match SCC's intended adult audience.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 12.19.34
SCC Visual Guide.png


I chose Bebas Neue as the primary typeface for its bold, modern, and distinctive lettershapes to bring the stability of the original Rockwell wordmark into the 21st century. I increased the tracking to spread out its visual weight and make it more calm & approachable.

I paired it with a light & elegant serif typeface for a contrast in style and visual strength. Playfair Display worked well because of its smooth and rounded shapes, high contrast lines, and the beautiful flourishes in its Italic font.


Some quick sketches of logo updates; I ultimately decided to keep the original logo. It was still strong, effective, and carried the extra value of being  associated with the brand for the past 25 years.

First drafts of layout options
Final Layouts

First drafts of layout options

Final layouts



Notes from a meeting with SCC leadership

Managing the Moments is a new SCC initiative beginning in the fall of 2020 that provides parents, teachers, caregivers, and other adults with the tools and resources to calm and support their young adults through the tough conversations, conflicts, anxiety, uncertainty, and other difficult feelings caused by the pandemic, remote learning, and other challenges currently facing our country, making a positive learning experience out of a negative situation.


Visual research


Color palettes and concept sketches 

MTM Icon Full Color.png

A logo option sketch: incorporates sun and cloud imagery, the road from the main logo, and playful handlettering; ultimately not chosen because it was visually weaker than other options (right image), looked too literal to be effective and memorable, and emphasized the cloud (negative) rather than the sun (positive) .

The final logo icon: the silver frame suggests both a positive silver lining and a snapshot of a moment, with the added marks on the right side suggesting a film camera; the ambiguously rising or setting sun symbolizes rebirth, growth, hope, and positivity; the textured shading gives it a human touch; and vibrant on-trend colors make it cohesive with the main logo while still ensuring it stands out strong as a limited time initiative.


SCC Visual Guide