Lighting Design for "Eudaimonia." Premiered 2019 in "IN/MOTION" University Dancers 34th annual concert, University of Richmond. Choreography and costume design by Lauren Lambert. Photography by Eric Dobbs (1 and 2), Eibhlin Villalta (3-5), and Maja White (6).  Light was bounced onto the back wall off sheets of mylar in the wings being manually manipulated in real time for a live interactive video projection effect that simulated neural connections. Later showcased at the 17th Annual Mid-Atlantic Choreographers Showcase, Spring 2019; read an excerpt from a review of this performance below:


"Speaking of lighting, Lauren Lambert’s work, “Eudaimonia,” described in a quote from Dr. Colin Zimbleman (likely one of the psychologists Lambert encountered in her major) as “a chance to glimpse an awe-filled vision of the world,” included some beautiful lighting effects – a “cyclorama lighting design concept” by Shanna Gerlach. Golden streaks occasionally flashed in the background, creating an other-worldly effect, and I liked the simplicity of the rotating circle of women moving as if supported by water, washed in a golden pool of light. “Eudaimonia,” by the way, translates from the Greek as happiness or prosperity." — Julinda D. Lewis

Scenic Design and Sound Design for "The Wolves." Performed spring 2020 in Cousins Studio Theatre, University of Richmond. Directed and lighting designed by María Acosta; produced, stage managed, and marketed by Ally Charleston; costumes and props designed by Nai'lah Rowe. Photographs by Eric Dobbs (1 and 3) and Sophia Hartman (9). Read more

Scenic Paintings. 4' by 8'. Fall 2019.